Centreboard Cases

The summer was a nightmare! Well, as far as the boat was concerned anyway. Work commitments exploded, I had to fit in a few sailing trips (obviously), and inevitably the loss of momentum then became self-perpetuating. However, it was not a total write-off – I did finish the centreboard cases and a few other bits and pieces,so that now the actual assembly – as opposed to component preparation – is finally under way (more catch-up posts to follow soon).

So, centreboard cases:

20140508_103359Here, we are applying glass and epoxy on the inside faces of the cases. My helper here is Jered who makes furniture with me normally – he has now been officially press-ganged into boat building (at least part time) in the hope that I never again lose momentum quite so badly!
20140508_103412I always seem to find myself reading about the virtues of peel ply. I doubt this is one of the more important places to have used it, though I must say I was impressed. Not quite sure I have the technique 100% perfected yet, but we got a decent result I think. At least I had no concerns when it came to gluing up the previously glass-sheathed components.

20140509_10260820140509_102612 20140509_102614(0)

20140924_183744One of the finished cases. It is largely made of the same okoume ply and Douglas fir that I am using throughout the build, but the dark component visible here is black sucupira – my secret weapon when huge strength and stiffness is wanted. This component is actually my own addition to the plans, so I am automatically suspicious that it is unnecessary, but I have to say I felt much more comfortable having a really strong and somewhat thicker component for the centreboard pivot to land. Also visible are the acetal bushings. 20140924_183806