Interestingly, Iain Oughtred specifies ‘softwood’ for the stem and stern. My instinct was to use a hardwood, especially when I think of all the things I have bumped into in my time! However, he did expand on this, and suggested that the extra give of softwood was an advantage, and if I did smash the stem up too much, it could always be replaced. Besides, they are quite chunky, so a weight saving is probably in order. So, I went for Douglas fir.

As ever, trusty CNC came in handy. I decided on a construction where pieces were butted together with epoxy, and then the outermost 20mm or so was laminated. This means that the butt-jointed pieces are permanently sandwiched between the outer lamination and the apron (when glued to the hull) – they ain’t going nowhere!


Blocks glued together to form half the stem, ready for shaping


Outer shape machined on, plus locator holes for gluing the two mirrored halves together


Two halves temporarily together to test fit



Laminating jigs for gluing on curved laminations (one stem, one stern)





Final machining of half stem

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