The Great Leap Forward

I now feel bad having titled this post as I have – a flippant reference to one of the most disastrous and cruellest mistakes in human history may not be in the best possible taste! What I was trying to convey was that though all the work so far has been rather slow and without any obviously impressive results, I now suddenly have something that could be mistaken for an upside-down boat.

In my eagerness to get something put together, I made the aft half of the building jig first and assembled only the components for this section. These were the centreboard cases, bridge deck components, cockpit sides and all the associated bulkheads. Together these make a completely rigid standalone structure and constitute a significant part of the boat’s internal structure in terms of work. Because the building jig consists of a wide box section made on the CNC machine, I had the confidence that bolting on the forward section without being able to eye along it would still be accurate. I was then able to mount all the remaining bulkheads and the aprons. It was amazing how quick they were, compared with the components that had to fit together in advance. The final picture shows most of this complete, though bulkhead 2 was elsewhere temporarily.


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One thought on “The Great Leap Forward

  1. Ahoy!

    I am very happy to see that your making progress wit your Haiku. I have been longing to put one together myself but have not yet taken the plunge. I gather that you will be building true to Ian’s plans and not making any major design changes, such as those on the original build.
    I know there are many eager Haiku enthusiasts around the world that look forward to seeing the finished product and hearing how she preforms. I wish you luck and look forward to reading further about your project.


    Scott Brumenschenkel

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