20141118_142900As before when I’ve needed components larger than a single sheet, I have done these ‘lobed scarf’ joints.

20141118_152445With the sides, I decided to make each one up as a single piece. At first I thought this might be mad, but having calculated the weight, it seemed do-able.

20141118_162428Here are the sides gluing up using MDF cauls and curved bearers to spread the clamping pressure. Motivated by extreme laziness, they were both done simultaneously, to avoid setting the clamps twice.

20141119_152131First side going on.

20141119_152235Here is a shot of the forward apron during the dry run. When cutting the sides to shape, I had relied on Rhino (the CAD software I use) to convert the 3D part to a 2D shape, and then added an extra 50mm all round – or so I thought. Because the ply is somewhat tortured each end, I couldn’t treat the side as a developable surface and simply ask Rhino to unroll it – instead I had to use its ‘smash’ command. This is not a command I normally use, so you might have thought I would read the instructions. Perhaps if I had, I would have seen that this does not automatically result in a correct shape in all directions. In this case I lost the curvature at each end, so far from ending up with 50mm spare, I ended up with absolutely nothing at all! It was sheer dumb luck that it was not too short.

The second side followed without incident, though as with the first we had to get it very accurately placed to avoid running out of ply each end.

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