5 thoughts on “Turnover Part 3 – the movie

  1. Hey Man, how’s it going with your Haiku build?
    I’ve started on mine but I’m not nearly as far along in the process.

  2. It’s actually almost completely finished, but I’ve been so busy that I’m afraid this blog has been neglected since this last post. I have loads of photos though, and hope to fill in all the missing bits one day. Though it won;t be a proper day-to-day blog, at least it will record the build in retrospect.

    Good luck with your build. The only advice I would give is to stick to what Iain himself advises – keep it simple and keep it light. (I strayed from this path a little myself, and only now see why I shouldn’t have!)

    • Hello Barnaby. A few years ago I purchased a set of plans (mine is #5) from Iain, and was lucky enough to visit Iain at his place in Skye. I’m currently building another boat now, albeit much smaller (a 6 m trimaran) but Haiku remains as one of my favourite “retirement boat” project, so I might start building mine in a year or so. Do you have a photo or two showing the complete hull (including cabin, cockpit and coamings)? I would be very curious to see those…

      • Hi Pippo
        I’m sorry that this blog became so badly stalled. I do mean to complete it at some point, and will try at least to show the sort of photos you ask for soon. The boat is in fact virtually ready to launch, and has been for some weeks – unfortunately life has got in the way once again!

        • Thanks Barnaby. If and when you have time, please email me some of these pics… I keep a blog myself for my Seaclipper 20 construction so I understand what you mean…

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