Iain Oughtred

Iain does not appear to do computers, let alone websites, but you can buy plans directly from him:

Struan Cottage
Isle of Skye
IV51 9NS
Tel: 01470 532732


  • Model of Haiku sailing: _1__2__3_
  • Another model: _1__2_
  • Magazine features:
    • WoodenBoat Magazine Issue 223
    • Watercraft Magazine Issue 61 is sold out, but might still be available at  de Bootbouwer (Dutch site) – look in 2007 section
    • Australian Amateur Boatbuilder Issue 55 – don’t know if they do back issues, but might be worth asking them




  • Marine industrial – best price for West System we could find
  • Irons Brothers, foundry for keels etc
  • Fasteners:
    • Anglia Stainless have been great with lots of fasternings. They don’t publish what they stock online, but they seem quite happy to take interminably long phone calls from me detailing long lists of disparate parts amounting to very small orders!
    • For some things, like 316 stainless UNF fasters, Westfield Fasteners were great. Prices for small quantities are high, but their sliding scale of prices is the only sensible way to do things, even if it doesn’t suit me!


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    • Thanks for your comment and the link. I will certainly visit your site, and it would be great to get Luely on the register!

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